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The Essential HVAC New Year’s Tune-Up: 3 Smart Tips to Save Money and Energy in 2023

It’s almost upon us—a new year full of new opportunities to optimize, streamline, and enhance your business’ essential comfort systems. Because there’s no time like the present to spot, smooth out, and save!

If it’s been a while since you’ve given your commercial HVAC system a little TLC, here are three critical tips you can follow today for a quick performance tune-up—before you’ve got a disruptive (and expensive) repair on your hands.

New Year’s Tip #1: Better airflow = better savings

When’s the last time you swapped out the air filters on your HVAC unit? If it’s been more than  90 days—or you can’t remember—add this task to the top of your list.  

Your HVAC air filters keep your unit running properly and efficiently by preventing dust, dirt,  and debris from entering your system’s critical components. Because commercial HVAC units  pull in a hefty airflow, this junk can quickly gunk up your system. 

The consequences of a dirty air filter are inconvenient and expensive:

  •  Overworking your unit
  • Higher energy usage 
  • Overheated system 
  • Lower indoor air quality 
  • Frozen air coils

But by prioritizing a new filter in the new year, you can protect your unit, your employees,  and your business’ bottom line.  

EVEN BETTER: Add “Filter Check and Replacement” as a recurring task in your processes at  the beginning of every quarter to keep your HVAC system top of mind—and in tip-top shape.

New Year’s Tip #2: Mind your thermostat settings

Low temperatures don’t have to mean high energy bills! For restaurants and retail businesses,  setting your thermostat at a cool 68°F to 70°F during business hours is a great way to save  energy without sacrificing comfort.  

Want to really maximize your savings this winter? Program your thermostat to reduce the  temperature by 8°F to 10°F during your after-hours. Not only will this further lower your  energy bills, it gives your hardworking HVAC system a well-deserved rest!  

EVEN BETTER: Don’t get left out in the cold— take a moment to change the batteries in your  thermostat this month! This quick swap ensures your HVAC system is running at optimal  performance, even when you’re away.

New Year’s Tip #3: Fewer drafts mean lower bills

In the winter, many businesses notice a significant peak in their energy bills. The culprit?  Drafty doors, windows, and outdoor access points. As cold Carolina winds seep into your  building, displacing your heat, your HVAC unit has to work even harder to maintain a  comfortable temperature. 

One way to offset this energy spike is to find and repair the drafts in your building. Check  around every access door, window, garage door, and wiring holes. Consider adding insulation  in your building’s attic or crawl space too, if you have one. 

By keeping your warm air where it belongs— indoors! — you can effectively lower your energy  bill and save your HVAC system a little stress this winter.

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We hope these handy New Year’s tips help you maintain your HVAC system throughout 2023.  Just a little care and a bit of timely maintenance go a long way towards saving energy and  extending the life of your essential equipment. Keep your team— and your customers— comfortable this winter with the help of Refrigeration Heroes! We’re always on-call at (864)  834-4078 in South Carolina or (828) 688-0323 in Western North Carolina.

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