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Refrigeration Heroes often works with business owners with unique and challenging refrigeration and HVAC needs. We work directly to understand your business needs and translate that into technical requirements and solutions.

Whether your needs are for a specific industrial process, food processing, or cold storage we have experience in multiple settings and always stay abreast of current equipment trends and options.

Once we understand your needs, we work with owners to create a solution that meets their intent in terms of capability, efficiency, and budget. Once we have chosen the best solution, we can complete the mechanical work and have a network of engineers and other contractors to fulfill any project from the ground up.

Grocery Store Holding Freezer

We worked closely with the owner of an independent grocery store to add a stand-alone 40’x80’ holding freezer. We coordinated directly to determine the size, worked with an architect and engineer to coordinate the land use requirements, and delivered the project from the ground up. We came in on budget and ahead of time to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations.

Ice Cream Freezer

We worked with a food distributor who wanted to convert a portion of their freezer to support Ice Cream storage. We worked with vendors to find an adequate solution and built an insulated wall 25’ tall and 60’ long inside the freezer with personnel and forklift door access. We then installed the refrigeration equipment and brought the room down to temperature. The customer recovered the cost of this project within the first year of sales.

Catering Freezer Replacement

An existing walk-in freezer for a catering operation had heaving in the floor due to insulation failure. We worked with the local manager to define their needs, critical timeline, and budget and managed the project from start to finish. We completed the demolition down to the sub-floor and properly installed a sub-floor heat system, new insulation and flooring, and completely new freezer.

Warehouse Climate Control

An existing customer approached us about an issue they were having with a food distribution facility. They had an unconditioned warehouse and were having employee complaints and product issues during the heat of the summer. We engineered a solution that utilized existing roof penetrations to install packaged units with concentric ductwork. This solution was less expensive than other alternatives and delivered excellent performance.

Foods Processing Chiller

We worked with a local food manufacturing operation to define chilled water specifications for their process. This closed loop system had multiple challenges and we were able to engineer a piece of equipment at the right budget point to meet their needs. We installed the equipment and completed the project on time and under-budget.