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We Bring the Heat: Two Ways Our Hot-Side Equipment Repair Team Will Make Your Day

When your hot-side equipment gives you the cold shoulder, you don’t have to scour the internet for another service provider. Refrigeration Heroes makes every side your best side— servicing both hot and cold-side equipment, plus your HVAC needs. 

Our growing team of hot-side repair pros service ovens, grills, broilers, fryers, warming stations, and specialty hot-side equipment.

We don’t just help restaurants, cafeterias, and convenience stores keep their cool! We cover every critical service need you’ll encounter, from your ducts to your ovens, and every piece of equipment in between. 

Our comprehensive commercial support services and on-call, highly trained equipment experts aren’t just good for business. They’re good for your budget, timeline, and peace of mind. 

Here’s why: 

When time is money, an all-in-one refrigeration, HVAC, and hot-side service team saves you both!

Having one dedicated and on-call team means shorter downtimes and faster repairs for restaurants, convenience stores, and more. Not only can we get straight to work repairing your hot-side equipment— we know exactly how your systems work together to keep you in business. 

We may be out servicing your oven, fryer, and warming station, but while we’re at it, we can recommend whole-business efficiency improvements that will reduce your HVAC or refrigeration bill, too. And because we’ve got a complete history of your business’ critical systems, our done-right-the-first-time repairs are that much faster. 

When one provider protects your whole business, your bottom line stands to benefit!

Just one call dispatches your entire team of Save the Day kitchen pros.

Scheduling preventative maintenance for your whole kitchen, booking a multi-system tune-up, or just asking a question is easier than ever when one call connects you to a team of on-demand system experts. 

Our hot-side service team (and all our teams, for that matter!) are on call 24/7, for whenever emergencies arise. And for day-to-day repairs, replacements, and upgrades, our team is ready to get your hot-side, refrigeration, or HVAC equipment back up and running with just one call.   

Why manage multiple vendors when you can have a dedicated team of HVAC, refrigeration, and hot-side heroes on speed dial?

Refrigeration Heroes come when you call, serve with a smile, and bring their A-game to every single situation. We hire the best techs and sharpen our skills with ongoing training. Just ask any one of our hundreds of happy customers across North and South Carolina!

When you’re ready for customer-centric service you can count on, call (864) 834-4078 in South Carolina or (828) 688-0323 in Western North Carolina. We can’t wait to help you get back to business as usual!

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